Four Families!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

As I sit here and stare at my long, LONG list of sessions that still have yet to grace this blog with their presence... I can't help but look past that list and see the faces of my kids staring up at me wanting to do something fun with them on such a nice day!! So I am combining four family sessions all in one, massive post! I don't think they will mind... because obviously they value FAMILY as much as I do! :)

The Lambert Family:
I took Ryan's senior pictures last year (the one in the solid darker blue shirt) and was so excited when his mom called for family pictures! Also his sister Megan has since babysat for me a couple times! Thanks Megan! These kids were a breeze!! No funny noises or funky dances required for smiles :)

 DSC_9152-23-5 DSC_9162-33-6 DSC_9139-10-2 DSC_9242-113-21 DSC_9292-29-28a DSC_9319-56-34 DSC_9333-70-36 DSC_9339-76-37 DSC_9379-116-44 DSC_9364-101-41

The Siddoway Family:
Alisha (the cute preggo one!!) is one of my friends and fellow photographers! I was a bit nervous to take these extended family pictures... after all, she's so good herself that you want her to be EXTRA happy with them! Lucky for me she loved them! And she also had her second baby girl named Kyla on May 28th... just 20 days after these were taken! She looked amazing :) Congrats to Alisha, Dustin and now big sister Sophie!!

 DSC_9400-13-2 DSC_9411-24-4 DSC_9440-53-6 DSC_9473-86-14 DSC_9444-57-8 DSC_9468-81-13 DSC_9489-102-15 DSC_9511-124-21 DSC_9501-114-18 DSC_9521-134-23 DSC_9563-176-29 DSC_9536-149-26 DSC_9549-162-27 DSC_9620-233-34 DSC_9578-191-31

This is their Uncle Rhett who is now serving a LDS mission!

 DSC_9627-240-35 DSC_9633-246-36 DSC_9590-203-32

The Yonker Family:
Oh man do I love this family!!! Vicki and Hailey are the creative geniuses of the flower world with Ella Bella Floral!!! Just wait til you see the bouquet they did for Tonya in some bridals coming up! They also did my flower arrangements for my booth at the wedding showcase! To say they are amazing is a huge understatement!! :) I was thrilled that they wanted to trade for family pictures... there is 18 of them (and 19 in the near future from what I here... you know what that means next year)!!! haha it was crazy and so fun! It doesn't get any more candid then this! :)
These first few are on the chairs that grandpa makes for each of them for their first birthday!

You should know that it was suppose to be cloudy the day we took these... so we thought the umbrellas would be cute! but it was FULL ON SUN! oh well! we still had fun with it :)

The faces behind Ella Bella! Love you two! :)

The Robbins Family:
Teresa is the sister of the bride Christina who's engagements were just posted! She loved her little sister's pictures so much she gave me call :) Wahoo! Their little guy Logan was a hoot! Such a boy!

 DSC_8451-12-1 DSC_8453-14-2 DSC_8475-36-5a DSC_8503-64-7 DSC_8522-83-8 DSC_8570-131-12 DSC_8591-152-14 DSC_8604-165-17

This next one cracks me up!!

 DSC_8611-172-18 DSC_8627-188-21 DSC_8623-184-20 DSC_8637-198-23 DSC_8677-238-32 DSC_8675-236-31 DSC_8685-246-33 DSC_8697-258-35 DSC_8729-290-39 DSC_8743-303-42 DSC_8748-308-43 DSC_8771-22-49 DSC_8799-50-52 DSC_8807-58-54 DSC_8816-67-57 DSC_8822-73-58 DSC_8841-92-61 DSC_8852-103-63 DSC_8858-109-64 DSC_8874-125-66


Sarah & Garrett Condie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. I especially love the ones of the Lambert family. Aren't they the greatest family. Great job on all the photos.

Ella Bella Floral said...

Haha... yes that is funny! You have really outdone yourself on these. All the different and creative ideas for each family are so fun. I love them all too! I showed 2665 to a a friend yesterday and she said it was so beautiful it made her cry. Thanks again Brittany. You're amazing!!!