Christina + David {Engagements}

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Christina was one of my awesome brides that also booked me at the Showcase (YAY!) and I immediately got excited to work with her and David after our consult! All her plans and unique wedding colors really got the ideas flowin' :) And even though she had confessed being nervous about being in front of the camera, as many brides are, I was so pleased to receive the following section of an e-mail from her... {hope you don't mind Christina! I just love what you said and I had to share!}

"Ok so I had a fantastic time yesterday, and I can't tell you enough how talented and fun and amazing you are! I completely trust you, and you totally put me at ease after a stressful day yesterday. You're too adorable! So thanks!"

Nothing makes me happier then a bride who is happy not only with her pictures, but the entire experience of it all!

 DSC_1737-15-1 DSC_1785-63-2 DSC_1798-76-9 DSC_1831-109-14 DSC_1850-128-17 DSC_1881-159-21 DSC_1941-219-25 DSC_1968-246-30 DSC_2009-287-35 DSC_3690-52-45 DSC_3656-18-41 DSC_2016-294-36 DSC_3703-65-48 DSC_3743-105-54 DSC_3756-118-55 DSC_3758-120-56 DSC_3782-144-60 DSC_3802-164-64 DSC_3811-173-66 DSC_3819-181-68 DSC_3908-270-77

And then there's the MINI! Gotta love these! :)

 DSC_3933-295-82 DSC_3937-299-83 DSC_3948-310-85 DSC_3951-313-86 DSC_3970-15-91 DSC_3996-41-94 DSC_4044-89-98 DSC_4064-109-103 DSC_4074-119-104

And just for fun here's a sneak peak at the FORMALS :)



Ella Bella Floral said...

This is a really great shoot Brittany... lots of cool stuff going on... and... where did you get that mini? You know I have a blue one that just needs a good wash:)

Lauren and Jeffrey said...

im obsessed with the bike pictures! SO cute