Kelli + Alex Formals

Saturday, June 5, 2010

After an amazing engagement shoot with these two, I could not wait to shoot their formals! Kelli's dress was an amazing find... she got it off ebay and its over a hundred years old! It was so beautiful and delicate just like the bride wearing it :) And Alex was a suave gentleman!

 DSC_7037-7-1 DSC_7048-18-4 DSC_7060-30-6 DSC_7085-55-9 DSC_7099-69-12 DSC_7112-82-14 DSC_7128-98-18 DSC_7132-102-19 DSC_7159-129-24

The spot where he proposed! :)

 DSC_7208-178-35 DSC_7270-240-45 DSC_7272-242-46 DSC_7284-254-48 DSC_7258-228-44 DSC_7305-275-52 DSC_7320-290-54 DSC_7327-297-56 DSC_7340-310-59 DSC_7355-325-61 DSC_7369-14-64 DSC_7397-42-68 DSC_7409-54-70 DSC_7414-59-71 DSC_7423-68-73 DSC_7437-82-76 DSC_7451-96-79 DSC_7463-108-82 DSC_7457-102-81 DSC_7474-119-84 DSC_7480-125-85 DSC_7483-128-86 DSC_7516-161-93 DSC_7527-172-96 DSC_7530-175-97

One of my favs!

 DSC_7540-185-101 DSC_7550-195-103 DSC_7545-190-102 DSC_7554-199-104 DSC_7559-204-106 DSC_7579-224-112 DSC_7604-249-119 DSC_7595-240-117 DSC_7618-263-123 DSC_7628-273-124


Ella Bella Floral said...

I the one of her fixing her shoe in front of the car and also the one where they are crossing the road and the one where the grass is really big in the foreground... love that one.

shandikimille said...

awesome! I love the car/gas pump location!