Miley :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This little girl just keeps getting cuter every time I see her! This shoot was actually our second attempt... the first time was colder and apparently too boring for Miley! So I decided to step it up a notch and boy howdy am I glad I did! Just look at all the expressions! :) Now I just have to start thinking what I am going to do when she turns 3...

 DSC_2886-5-1 DSC_2904-23-4 DSC_2920-39-10 DSC_2949-68-20 DSC_2937-56-14 DSC_2939-58-15 DSC_2962-81-22

And as if balloons weren't enough, I brought a cupcake too :) JOY!

 DSC_2971-90-25 DSC_2974-93-26

And here is one of my new favorite pictures!!! It's PERFECT! :)

 DSC_2980-99-28 DSC_2984-103-29 DSC_2988-107-31 DSC_3004-123-32 DSC_3006-125-33


Alisha said...

I love these photos...makes me wish Sophie was a little older already so I could do something fun like this...she'll get there someday :)

Ricardo Sena said...

Sou fotografo do Brazil e acompanho o seu blog, que gosto muito! Convido a conhecer o meu blog e um pouco mais do meu pais.


Crystal Nelson said...

Your job ROCKS!

kelli and alex said...

oh my gosh. someday you are doing this with my kiddos. :) CUTE