Brother Ballam :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Jordan Ballam is currently at the MTC before heading off to Finland on an LDS Mission! We are all so proud of him and wish him the best! of course I also hope these couple years past by quickly... mostly of course for Hayley and for me too... cause I can't wait to take their wedding pictures someday!! haha Just look at the two of them together! I joked that this is their pre-engagements :)

 DSC_6418-2-1 DSC_6434-18-5 DSC_6463-47-8 DSC_6467-51-9 DSC_6499-83-13 DSC_6495-79-12 DSC_6505-89-14 DSC_6525-109-18 DSC_6535-119-20 DSC_6544-128-22 DSC_6554-138-24 DSC_6564-148-26 DSC_6569-153-27 DSC_6578-162-29 DSC_6600-184-34 DSC_6617-201-37 DSC_6620-204-39 DSC_6628-212-41 DSC_6629-213-42 DSC_6637-221-44 DSC_6639-223-45 DSC_6671-255-50 DSC_6682-266-52

These were a special request from Jordan :)

 DSC_6691-275-53 DSC_6697-281-54 DSC_6700-284-55 DSC_6705-289-56 DSC_6717-301-59 DSC_6708-292-57 DSC_6714-298-58

And of course we had to get one with mom!



Ester Biggs said...

Pretty much LOVE Jordan's Missionary Pictures.. :) Well done Brittany!

Cascio Photography said...

Thanks Ester!! He is such a cool kid :)

Johanna ("Jusu") said...

Welcome to Finland! :)
I just wanted to tell you that you have a big fan here in Finland too! I admire your photos so much, wish I could take pics like that! All the best to you and God´s bless!
Best wishes,
Johanna from Finland

Olivia said...

So cute Brittany!

Ella Bella Floral said...

OK, who get's there missionary pics done with their "sister"...:) these are so awesome Brittany... very fun!!!