Tonya L {Bridals}

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boy Howdy I love this girl!!! Look how freakin GORGEOUS she is! Its so fun to go visit my hubby at work and chat with her! I had a blast at her wedding (pictures coming later)! I have to post this shot of her first because not only is it one of my FAVORITES but it also showcases her fabulous hair and makeup! Carrie with Carrie Purser Hair & Makeup Artistry is amazing! To hear more RAVES from me about Tonya's session with her check out her blog!
And remember my amazing friends with Ella Bella floral from the family post?! yeah THIS is that bridal session that I was talking about! not that its too hard to see... her bouquet is absolutely lovely!! I can't say it enough how much I LOVE their work! they make artwork out of flowers!! You will oooh and ahhh the whole session I guarantee it :)
And a little back story on the awesome car... I totally stopped the guy who owns it while he was pumpin gas to ask him to use it for the shoot! yeah I am that dedicated people ;) haha


Here's a couple I got during her makeup session :) Gotta love Tonya's "before" shot! haha

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This puppy sat by me the whole ride :)


she was pretty excited...

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Sam and Tara said...

STUNNING! Love the colors, and the captures are absolutely great! And that car is to DIE for! And I love the flowers! And, and, and..ahh. SO many great things about these photos!

Chrissy said...

WOW!! I am speechless! These are absolutely stunning!

Flash Jorgensen said...

You rocked it girl!!! Seriously, perfect timing by the guy with the car. Good for you to go and ask to use it! It looks amazing with her bouquet. I love these!!!

jessica said...