Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I love this time of year! Fall is by far my favorite season and Halloween is especially fun with our kids :) They love getting all dressed up and going trick or treating downtown like we have for the past 3 years now! It was fun to relax and be with my favorite little people in the world!
Hope everyone has a spookyful fun Halloween!

Here's a few of my kiddos in their costumes this year!


Brayden wanted to be a pirate! ARRGGHHH!

 DSC_6791 DSC_6797 DSC_6800

Riley was Little BoPeep!
Grandma Cascio and I made her costume! I love how it turned out :)

 DSC_6751 DSC_6746 DSC_6763

And Avery her SHEEP! :)
As you can see she was really excited about it...

 DSC_6765 DSC_6785 DSC_6768

And I had to get some of them together :)

 DSC_6771 DSC_6778

Then it was time to bring on the candy! :) YAY for sugar rushes!

 DSC_6822 DSC_6840 DSC_6833 DSC_6832 DSC_6823


Anonymous said...

Your girls look exactly like you!! so cute! Thanks for sharing :)

elise said...

How cute are they!? Seriously, Bo Peep and her sheep are adorable!