Megan + Taylor {Engagements}

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today I want to talk a little about inspiration. As an artist, inspiration can come from a variety of sources. Sometimes its a perfect song. Other times its that little artifact that takes me back to another time and place and makes me want to play pretend. Occasionally, at least for us photographers, it can be a location. Most people would just drive by it and think none the less of it, but to us its a gold mine!! Take this little white house for instance....


To your average person its just a run down old shack... to me its charming and dreamlike. Perfect for a couple like Megan and Taylor.

 DSC_4064 DSC_4073 DSC_4078 DSC_4104-2 DSC_4116-2 DSC_4131 DSC_4158-2 DSC_4165 DSC_4188 DSC_4198 DSC_4214

I like to call this next part love is sweet! Cheesey I know, but let's be honest, there's nothing sweeter then a newly engaged couple in love!

 DSC_4220 DSC_4215 DSC_4221 DSC_4230 DSC_4238 DSC_4252 DSC_4245 DSC_4258 DSC_4274 DSC_4289 DSC_4283 DSC_4286-2

But more then anything with my job, the thing that inspires me the most... is YOU! That cute happy couple that I meet with and make plans with! I love to hear what things my couples love to do together or what their interests are and incorporate them into their sessions!! After all it is all about the who the two of you are and who you are together!

That being said... Taylor, is a videographer and I have had the pleasure of working with him a couple times already! Megan is a talented florist! When I was brainstorming ideas for their shoot I knew I had to have an antique video camera! We had fun pretending like my camera was the other one for some really funny candids! Just wait til you see Taylor trying to imitate Megan!

 DSC_4291 DSC_4296 DSC_4298 DSC_4307 DSC_4311 DSC_4315 DSC_4322 DSC_4328 DSC_4333 DSC_4341 DSC_4346 DSC_4350 DSC_4356 DSC_4361 DSC_4363 DSC_4378 DSC_4366 DSC_4392 DSC_4406 DSC_4433 DSC_4441 DSC_4454 DSC_4466 DSC_4484 DSC_4486 DSC_4503

And last but not least... not only one of my favorite parts of their session, but one of my favorite engagements shots to date... came from a very last minute inspiration. While picking out what video camera would be most perfect for this session, I laid my eyes on a gorgeous old film projector. Instantly a scene came into my head and I had to have it! This was that picture in my head....


Everything about it turned out absolutely perfect!! Major warm fuzzy feelings for this girl here!! :) What is more romantic then a movie on the lawn and Casablanca?

This picture makes me laugh... Megan didn't think they were suppose to EAT the popcorn and Taylor wad helping himself! They are going to make a great married couple! haha

 DSC_4518 DSC_4515 DSC_4517 DSC_4539 DSC_4525 DSC_4566 DSC_4547 DSC_4555 DSC_4560 DSC_4575 DSC_4577-2

Can you tell I have been dying to post these or what?!

BIG THANK YOU to Vincent Shammas for loaning us his amazing equipment for this session!!
Also just in case you felt the need to lick the screen because of the yummy cupcakes, they are from Temptation Cupcakes in Logan!


The Stevens said...

Genius Britt!!!!!! I can't believe how cool this photoshoot is! You are amazing!

elise said...

Megan is in my classes, so she showed us some of these a while ago. They are so so beautiful!

B and J said...

Amazing! I love the movie on the lawn, so fun!

Ella Bella Floral said...

These are adorable Britt. You just keep coming up with so many great ideas:) I agree...Genius!!!

Brooke Snow Photography said...

fabulous! such fun!

jessica said...

Love these Brittany!

Cascio Photography said...

WOW!!! thanks everyone!!! :) You are all so sweet!

AMANDA said...

Brittany! These are so great. :) Love, love, love.

Mirranda said...

ADORABLE!! I love these shots, The Casablanca one tugs at my heartstrings!! <3 Cute couple and amazing photos!

Becky Mendoza said...

These two are the cutest couple ever and you captured them perfectly!!! These photos are amazing Brittany!!! Amazing! I'm excited to see you at another wedding!