10 years!!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Kristen is one of my favorite people! We bonded over busy life's between being a mommy and a photographer and all the rest of the stuff we have to do on a daily basis!! She lives up in Wyoming so up until this point we had talked via Facebook and over the phone. When her anniversary was coming up she wanted to surprise her husband (who's name is also Bryan!) by bringing him on a little weekend getaway to the place where they got married and finally get some pictures of just the two of them!! About dang time if you ask me! :) And I can't wait to hang out with this gal for a whole week as my roomie for WPPI in February!
May you two have many more happy years together and keep making this a tradition with me! :)

 DSC_3797 DSC_3798 DSC_3823 DSC_3835

The white rose has a special meaning to them as a couple :)

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This is me.... Kristen said...

Ahhhhh!!!!! I love it! You are the BEST!

Sara Anderson said...

Love them!! You make it look so easy!