Dallas Porter {Birth Story} Utah Birth Photographer

Friday, June 24, 2011

Where to begin about this birth?! It was such an adventure to say the least! Over 24 hours in the hospital...

This birth story was a gift from a very good friend Felicia Woolsey, who won a contest to use the money for this special event. You see, Dallas (the daddy) was deployed in Afghanistan and was going to miss the big show! :( So they hired me to document the birth of their first son. Well as luck would have it, that baby wasn't going to come out without a fight... must get that from Daddy!! I am not sure Jami was to happy to be overdue, but at least it meant she could have her husband by her side. The induction was then scheduled for Easter night! I arrived at 8:00 p.m. to introduce myself and get some shots at the beginning of the labor. We were in for a long night! I decided to spend the night at the hospital in an empty room just in case anything happened. Some where between 2-4 a.m. Jami got her first epidural which was only partially successful... only one side was numb! Poor girl!! Thankfully later the next day they tried again and that time it did the trick!

Finally just after 2 p.m. the next day it was time to start pushing!

But alas even after two and a half hours of hard pushing and an attempt to use a vacuum to help this baby out, it was decided a c-section was necessary.

Unfortunately because of how hard it was to get the epidural to work on Jami, the doctors decided it would be best to use general anesthesia for her... which meant not only could I not be in the room... but neither could Dallas. Not to mention that Jami would be a sleep the whole time. It was heart wrenching to be out there in a hall with this man who had traveled so many miles to be here for his son's birth, stood by and watch his wife go through hours of intense labor and then not be permitted in the room to watch his son be born.

Once little Dallas Porter made his grand enterance into this world, we were able to peek through the door to capture his first moments!! It was such a relief to finally have him here! You can see the emotions on the face of this new daddy :)

The first time holding his son. Amazing moment!

Then we followed them up to NICU for the nurses to monitor little Dallas. What a cute healthy boy! :)

Showing off his muscles! :)

Another amazing moment was when they wheeled in Jami to meet her son for the first time! It was so precious :)

When they finally approved all his vitals, baby Dallas was finally brought up for mommy to hold him...

This last shot touches my heart! Thank you "H" family... Dallas for your sacrifice to keep our country free and Jami for being an incredible support to your husband! This little guy is going to grow up strong and proud!! :)


Carrie Malmberg said...

Incredible! I love all the photos and the story you were able to capture. Heart wrenching for sure! What a long night with a beautiful outcome! How do I find out more info on having you do our photos. . .we're due with our last in August?? Great Job!

Marcie Taylor Events and Rentals said...

Great job! I love that last photo too!

Kelley said...

So beautiful! Your birth stories always make me want to cry they are so sweet.