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Friday, September 23, 2011

Well, they say when you marry in June... you will always be a bride :)

Here's peek at one of my busiest months this year!! 5 amazing couples chose a day in June for "the day" and it was so incredibly fun.

Kathryn + Scott

 DSC_3604 DSC_3752 DSC_3734 DSC_3737 DSC_3729 DSC_3848 DSC_3872 DSC_4596 DSC_4077 DSC_4127 DSC_4090 DSC_4031 DSC_4168 DSC_4439 DSC_4419 DSC_4421 DSC_3072 DSC_4339 DSC_3082 DSC_4317 DSC_4360 DSC_4426 DSC_4440 DSC_4441 DSC_4616

Allison + Garrett

 DSC_4691 DSC_4736 DSC_4744 DSC_4766 DSC_4901 DSC_4934 DSC_5006 DSC_5018 DSC_5065 DSC_5134 DSC_5145 DSC_5147 DSC_5152 DSC_5160 DSC_5202 DSC_5216 DSC_5835 DSC_5461 DSC_5492 DSC_5388 DSC_5358 DSC_5383 DSC_5580 DSC_5560 DSC_5424 DSC_5511 DSC_5515 DSC_5505 DSC_5527 DSC_5533 DSC_3276 DSC_5984 DSC_5899 DSC_5364 DSC_5621 DSC_5744 DSC_5890 DSC_5950 DSC_3407 DSC_6009 DSC_6035

Alyssa + Bruce

 DSC_7446 DSC_7553-2 DSC_7662 DSC_7670 DSC_7683 DSC_7708 DSC_7739 DSC_7797 DSC_7759 DSC_8749 DSC_8319 DSC_8225 DSC_7821 DSC_8284 DSC_8289 DSC_8261 DSC_7836 DSC_7845 DSC_7903 DSC_7922 DSC_7946-2 DSC_7953 DSC_8030 DSC_8214 DSC_8202 DSC_8207 DSC_8229 DSC_8317 DSC_8235 DSC_8233 DSC_8279 DSC_8278 DSC_8422 DSC_8430 DSC_8406 DSC_8653 DSC_8499 DSC_8555 DSC_8541 DSC_8560 DSC_8586 DSC_8609 DSC_8611 DSC_8627 DSC_8634 DSC_8640 DSC_8643 DSC_8682 DSC_8686 DSC_8689 DSC_8701 DSC_8740

Kira + Jason

 DSC_8971 DSC_9006 DSC_9011 DSC_8938 DSC_9083 DSC_9043 DSC_8939 DSC_9279 DSC_9072 DSC_9044 DSC_9068 DSC_9114 DSC_9121 DSC_9125 DSC_9127 DSC_9159 DSC_9097 DSC_9132 DSC_8951 DSC_9064 DSC_9142 DSC_9288 DSC_8948 DSC_8957 DSC_8958 DSC_9136 DSC_9147 DSC_9185 DSC_9105 DSC_9250

Heather + Josh

 DSC_9316 DSC_9383 DSC_9402 DSC_9428 DSC_9477 DSC_9506 DSC_9524 DSC_9541 DSC_9532 DSC_9622 DSC_9688 DSC_9707 DSC_9715 DSC_9739 DSC_9785 DSC_9794 DSC_9763 DSC_9804 DSC_9831 DSC_9856 DSC_9852 DSC_9439 DSC_9455 DSC_9458 DSC_9958 DSC_0007 DSC_0086 DSC_0147 DSC_0244 DSC_0370 DSC_0441 DSC_0477 DSC_0239

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Sara Anderson said...

Wow you have been busy! I love her shoes with their names on them, the grill with the smiley face and the baby butt crack! These are all great pictures! Very colorful with beautiful lighting!!