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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I am blogging this while out of town in good ol' Chi Town! That's right CHICAGO! I love this place. I love the families I know here and the new ones I will meet. Its been so fun to catch up with some of my favorites and see how much their kids have grown in a year :) If anyone is from this area and would like to see if I have openings left during my visit, give me a call!

One good thing about being out of town... and away from my computer at home where I do all my editing... is the chance to catch up on some much needed blogging! Today we have some lovely bridals of Courtney, taken back in June during the short period when the poppies are in bloom. I LOVE those gorgeous flowers. So wild and free. They only last for a week or two, but they are worth the wait! Like like Courtney was for Cam I am sure :) Make sure to keep scrolling to see their amazing wedding. Vikki Tingey with Embellish the Moment was the mastermind behind the whole design! I love her!

{The Bridals}

{The Wedding}

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