Phil + Juline {Wedding Day} Utah/Connecticut Wedding Photographer

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hello. Its been a while since I have really sat down to do a real post on this poor blog and its LONG over due! The nice thing about January is the feeling of starting over or catching up in this instance. I had so many wonderful weddings over the course of last year that I am dying to show you. This one is no exception! 
Phil and I have been friends for over 12 years now. We met while living over in Germany as military brats. I was so honored when he and Juline booked me to capture their big day!! It was nothing short of amazing! They have so many friends and family that came from far and wide to be there to witness their union. They are such a stunning couple together and they really have such a genuine love.
Click below to view their whole wedding day!   DSC_0837
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Kourtnee Davis said...

YAY! I love when you blog!

Kourtnee Davis said...

beautiful! I love when you blog!